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The Golf Tournament Fundraiser is October 5th. Call Richard to be a Hole Sponsor or to donate raffle prizes or to enter a team or as an individual to be set up with a team. 707-207-1536 gets you Richard

BUY RAFFLE TICKETS NOW!!!! The prizes are MANY and the top 3 are:

1st: 2 nights at Reno Peppermill (Towers) & $150 Bimini Steakhouse cert.

2nd: gas BBQ grill, gorgeous!

3rd:  Samsung Tablet

Please spread the word to SPAY & NEUTER!

Spring is a busy time for all shelters. Yes, kitties & puppies are cute but if they don't have homes and are unplanned, they can come to harm and lead horrible, neglected lives. We don't have room to take in all of them, we have to stem the problem before it begins, spay/neuter!


The thrift store at 502 Walker Street accepts donations during open hours, stop in! Regular hours are: Thursday & Friday 10am-5pm and on Saturdays from 10am-3pm

All workers are volunteer so ALL profits go directly to the shelter/animal needs.

If you'd like to volunteer at the shelter or thrift store or ANY of our events, please contact Judy at 865-3661


Keep your animals safe and secure and comfortable. Just like we humans re-evaluate our surroundings in the weather, make sure that your pets have the ability to keep their body temperature at a normal level.

Make sure you provide ample water!

Please remember to provide shade shelter for your animals!


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